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I have this account because a few of the people I follow moved over here and I wanted to keep reading their journals. I will not be writing here. Just reading.
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After I wrote up this morning's entry, I went to swimming class. When I got into the car, I popped the new thumb drive in and fired it up and the second song to come on was the Livejournal Stanty from 2006.

I cracked up when it got to this verse:

And let's bitch 'cause they changed the UI without telling
My icon's a goat now and it won't check my spelling
I don't ask for much, but I'd like to be told
When the parent company's parent company's
parent company's parent company's
parent company's parent company's
company's been sold


Swimming did not go so well, I was coughing too much to even finish the class.  I only missed the last 5 mins, tho.  But I think I'll take it easy on the pool time.  I want this cough to go away.  I stopped by the pharmacist to pick up a prescription and then came home and coughed the whole time but now that I've been home and not moving too much for the past hour, the cough seems to be taking a nap.  

I think taking it easy for a while longer is the best bet.  I got nothing that has to be done and plenty that can be done without exertion for  the foreseeable future. I plan to lay low until no coughing.
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I have not read or heard from all of my NE LJ friends about how they survived the storm. A couple of them will likely never chime in as they abandoned LJ a while ago but I sure hope the others are ok. This is really THE only time I am sorry I'm not on Facebook as I am sure they have report in there. It's a fleeting sorry. Actually, I'm over it.


I just looked at the new friends page (link at the top to try it out) and while I understand the benefits, they just aren't any I'm interested in. But, if we must, we must. Won't be the end of the world - the words and pictures and links are still there. I'll get used to it eventually, but I'm sticking to the old version for as long as I can.


My breathing isn't the best today. It's still so hard to tell what is normal for me, what is the bronchitis still not completely gone and what is something else. I did get a new rescue inhaler (Combivent) which is at least way easier to use. I was never sure with the old one that I was even getting any of the medicine. I am absolutely sure with this new one and it's packaged in a way that I can take it with me easily which the other was not. I'm holding off taking it this morning until it gets closer to swim time.

Yesterday, I did ok in the pool. There was a little coughing but not too bad. I took it easy and got out after about 40 minutes. When I got to the car after the shower and dressing, I was panting but not horribly and it cleared up quickly. So today I try the new inhaler before class and we shall see how it goes.


I organized my music yesterday. I fixed up the thumb drive I keep plugged into the car radio system and the micro card in my phone. I have some on the cloud at Amazon and some on the cloud at Google but so often Sprint's signal is too crappy to make cloud listening my first choice unless it's Pandora.

I never learned to work, read or study with music in the background. But now I have large blocks of time for listening an now I'm organized to do it.

I was looking at Pandora genres the other day and found one called "Classical for studying". I wonder what my musical habits would be like had I not grown up in a time when record players needed you to get up and tend to them when the album finished.


I have a giant annoying callous on the side of my left hand ring finger. It's from knitting and it's driving me crazy. Finally I dug into my chest of ancient first aide supplies and found these weird pads for foot callouses. I cut one up to fit my finger and it's perfect. I can wear it all the time (as opposed to putting on a new one every time I pick up knitting needles) and it's comfortable, I can knit easily with it on and it's working! I tried it for several days and then checked. The callous was way smaller. I put a new one on and plan to keep it up until it's gone.


The leaves on the Tree That I Hate are not falling off fast enough for me. We've had some good wind gusts but none seem to do the trick. The work on the construction across the street is getting really interesting and I want to see it all!! We're supposed to get a nice storm tonight... maybe that will help it along.
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I am even better today. The next hurdle is going to be after the antibiotic - my last pill is today. I figure by Wednesday I'll be able to declare victory. I expect the remnants to last another week. Last night I slept great with no breathe rite strip at all.

I have been remembering my dreams lately and they have all been about parties. Situations where I am surrounded by lots of people - fun people and enjoying myself. Pretty different than RL!

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time planning my financial future. I have options - all of which are doable. In the next month or so I'll sit down with my financial adviser and let him pick which one. I am now entirely comfortable with the level of living I can do without going back to work. Nice. I did not start saving much until I was in my early 40's but once I started, I overachieved and made sure that my savings earned as much as possible. I'd be way better off if I had started earlier but whatareyagoingtodo.

Today is swimming. There is no class which is fine. I'll just be there when the pool opens at 11 and do my own thing. I can do the same routines that the instructors lead us to do. At my own pace and to my own music. Or I can do one of my classes-on-mp3. I'll just be so glad to get back in the water. It's been a week and it feels like a month.
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Her latest trick is to scratch on the door to the cabinet that holds the cat food. Seriously she scratches like a dog does on the door when he wants to go out. She is a little piglet.

But she's earning her keep. Travis used to sleep stretched out between my side and my arm with his head on my shoulder and that's how we'd go to sleep. Betty would be in a ball at the foot of the bed.

Now she sleeps cuddled up between my side and my arm with her head on my shoulder. It's so sweet. She's so tiny and silky. She always does this on my left side. Travis' always used the right side. Cats are so funny.

I did no go out and walk and check out the dinner.

I looked in the mirror when I got out of the shower and it looked for all the world like I had declared a moratorium on hair cuts. So I went to Rudy's. Where the price has now gone up $4 on a haircut. Blah. And my cutter this time wasn't that good but, what.ever.

Then I went to three different places for breakfast and all had lines. I ended up at Fred Meyer where I got my short list of things I wanted an on the way home remembered a new place I saw not long ago that was between where I was and home.

It was late, too late really - I no longer felt like breakfast but I was hungry. I figured if I found a parking spot, I'd stop. I did and I did an I'm glad I did!

Lucky's Dinner is delish. I had pulled pork on a biscuit with coleslaw and french fries and it was outstanding. All of it. I am so going back for breakfast.

Plus my parking spot required me to walk several blocks up a small hill and I managed it with almost no panting. I do still sound like a walking petrie dish of germs but I feel much better. Swimming tomorrow for sure.


Oct. 28th, 2012 08:53 am
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I think I am better. My head is still congested but my nose isn't running much at all. I'm coughing this morning but I think it's maybe just the vertical from horizontal clearing out. I had a had time sleeping last night and kind of think it's maybe because I haven't done anything for a bunch of days except sit and sleep.

I think I might get up and have a shower and go take a short walk. Give the lungs a test. There's a dinner a few blocks away that I have never been a fan of but maybe it's time to try again. There's no football game in the 'hood today so it shouldn't be packed.

If I can get out of this mess with no breathing issues I will be so delighted. I've lived in fear of getting any kind of flu or cold because that mean lung doctor told me that a simple cold could ruin my lungs leave me on oxygen 24/7. Now I know he is a scare monger.


Watching Notes:

Somewhere along the way, I got it in my brain that I wanted to see the movie Butter. I don't know how or why and, now having seen it, I really don't know how or why.

I am really enjoying Emily Owens, M.D. I expected to think it was ok but, now after two episodes, it's one of my favorites. It stars Meryl Streeps daughter and she is excellent but also the rest of the show is.

There seem to be more 30 minute sit coms than usual this year and I'm enjoying them a lot. Plus, I love having a 30 minute show in TiVo for those smaller bits of time.

Animal Practice was a show that did not ever have a chance. But I love Nick Swisher's wife who stared in it and that little monkey was adorable. It's to be replaced with Whitney. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who watched/liked Whitney last year so I'm fine with it.

I still watch Project Runway and enjoy it but Project Runway All Stars is just a train wreck. It traps all the worst parts of Project Runway and cuts out all the good parts.

I do like the White Room Challenge. David Bromstad has turned himself to quite the TV pro. We knew him when he was just a lowly contestant.

I miss Major Crimes and am really looking forward to its return in January.


Time to hit the showers...
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Travis had his 15 mins of fame lecturing to some of the bears a couple of years ago.

Today, Betty decided the bears were slacking off and needed more words of kitty wisdom.

deja vu
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There's this thing - yep, it's a thing - about Seattle people being cold and rude. I've heard it since the day I got here. I've lived all over the country and Seattle has always seemed more friendly and less rude than most places. (Ok, Minnesota is way more warm and friendly but in an almost creepy way.)

My thought has always been that the perpetrators of this thing are generally cold and rude people themselves and my experiences have born that theory out. I just experienced a flaming example.

A couple of months ago, I was in our lobby looking at my mail when this guy I've never seen - very muscularly large guy - knocks on the door and tells me to let him in. Not asks, mind you - his words were "I don't have my key, open the door for me." I told him that I would go find the manager for him. He screamed and hollered and created a major ruckus before I could even stand up and turn to go find Scott. It was, actually, a little frightening.

I could not find Scott and went back up to my unit via the stars to avoid the lobby and this guy.

I actually even sent Scott a note to let him know in case this guy was a Real Case of something.

Just now, I went down to get my mail and when the elevator door opened for me to go back up this large guy, unshaven in a hoodie (but not young) just stood there without moving so I could not get in. I waited and he didn't move and then I said 'I'm going up'. Finally he moved a little and then proceeded to berate me:

"That day you would not let me in is the meanest thing that ever happened to me. You would not even listen to me. I had my drivers license."

I said "I'm sorry, but I did not recognize you..."

"Well, it was very mean and you are hateful - Seattle is such a mean and cold and unfriendly place..." he finished as he moved on out and the doors closed.

I beg to differ Mr. Asshole, but if you are right, we have people like you to thank.
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For years - like 40 - I have been addicted to Puffs tissues with lotion. In the early days, I used to have friends send them when I couldn't get them where I lived. When you had a cold, they were the only bright spot. They were strong and they coated your sad, raw nose with soothing lotion.

Recently they have been hard to find in the cube boxes I like. I've taken to ordering them by the case from Amazon. A couple of times lately, I thought 'hmmm these things don't seem as nice as they used to be'. I figured it was my imagination until last night.

When I was digging around looking for the Vicks, I found an stack of tissues I had squirreled away for some reason and I pulled them out to use. About 3 tissues in, I immediately knew that Puffs have completely changed.

The old ones are wonderful. The new ones are overpriced and not at all wonderful. No lotion to speak of, they are thin and rough. I am glad to know it's not just my imagination. At least I can quit paying top dollar and go with the cheap stuff which is also easier to find.

Plus I have some old regular (non-cube) boxes in the back of the closet, I am absolutely getting those out. Oh and I popped over the Puffs website and shared my displeasure which helped my state of mind.


I slept again last night like a log. I woke up one time but otherwise slept soundly from 9 pm til 8 am. I did slap on one of those breathe rite strips which probably helped but as miserable as I feel, at least getting good sleep is wonderful.

Today will be another day of staying home and quiet. I miss swimming but I would sure not want my snotty self in any pool. I have food, I have TV, I bought the movie 'Butter' from Amazon streaming. And I'm 3,000 miles from Sandy.

I think lung fears so far are unfounded. I can still easily take deep breaths without coughing. whew.


Oct. 26th, 2012 07:33 pm
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My nose is really raw so I thought I'd dig into my sad little box o' medical supplies and see if I had any Vicks or neosporin or something to put on it.

Sad sad sad... It's filled with bubble packs of capsules and tablets - some of which are labeled.. but not all. A lot are for colds. There are a handful of little pink caplets wrapped in a piece of paper with my handwriting on it labeled 'anti-histamine'. They aren't dated. Of the ones that are dated the most recent date I could find was 2007. There were a couple of packets of these mentholated capsules that you drop into a cup of hot water and just breathe over. I got them in New Zealand. I was last in New Zealand in 1995.

I think it may be time to dump all that shit into a bag and take it to the pharmacy's 'dump your old drugs here' bucket.

I did find the Vicks - expiration date of June 02, in the bathroom drawer. I'm using it anyway. Be on the lookout for the headline:

Expired Vapor Rub kills Web Executive
but her nose looked great!

(Back in the 70's and 80's in upstate NY, whenever an IBMer died, newspapers always called them 'executive' in their obit. They could have been in charge of the toilets, but when they left this earth it was as an IBM Executive.)
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I have spent the day blowing my nose - Puffs tissues' stock probably skyrocketed. I finally took one of the cough suppressant pills that the doctor gave me last year and bam! cough pretty much gave up the ghost.

I even felt well enough to make a run out for eggs and milk and I'm baking a chicken for dinner. I'm hoping for another good night's sleep. If I can pull that off, I feel like I might be able to kick whatever this is to the curb sooner than later.

My head's still pretty clogged but my lungs are not at all unhappy. I can easily take a deep breath without coughing. This is major good.

And that's all I know about today.
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My throat is all healed. Now I have one of those gross disgusting cough up a lung coughs. Nice. I did sleep from 9 last night til 8 this morning. So I'm rested. And I don't have to go anywhere today and inflict this cough on anyone. Also I'm hoping that being vertical for a while may cycle through the coughing.

I'd love to be better enough to go swim tomorrow but I'm not hopeful. The last time I was in the pool was last Monday. Fish gotta swim!

The kitchen needs a bit of cleaning and this bedroom really does. I have dirty clothes all over the floor topped with a layer of dirty tissues. What a mess.

My new inhaler - the Spiriva is a weird little thing. Yesterday I completely fucked it up but I got it right today. You put this capsule into this gizmo and then push a button to puncture it and then you take one long suck, hold it breathe and repeat. If you hear/feel a rattle, you've done it correctly. I rattled away today. Yeah!

My rescue inhaler (Combivent) has also changed it's hardware. It's being sent from the mail order place but I was able to see how it works on their website.

So soon I will have none of the old fashioned L-shaped inhalers which I never really mastered anyway.

I have now been semi-vertical (sitting in bed on the laptop) for an hour and the coughing is not as bad as it was. I just made a phone call and was able to talk clearly without coughing for most of it. Maybe there is hope.

I think it's time to get out of bed and clean up this pig sty.
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My throat feels way better but the rest of me has not yet bought a ticket on that better train. At least I have a peace of mind from the doctor. I tend to project right into worse case scenario, health wise. I have such a fear of not being able to live on my own and/or living in misery.

But I have slept a lot today and I'm really grateful for the sleep.

My head feels like my brain is somewhat below cream of wheat on the intelligence scale. And I have these lovely little fits of coughing. If it gets better from here, yeah. If it gets worse, I'm checking out the Hemlock Society.

I'm a great patient.


Oct. 25th, 2012 12:24 pm
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I slept long and well last night. Better than usual, actually and two hours longer. This morning I got up and got to the doctor's. He says it's bronchitis. And my breathing tested "not great but not bad either" - which is a relief, actually.

He gave me antibiotics and two new inhalers. One replaces the inhaler I already have and hate so I'm glad to get the replacement - it's supposed to be much easier to use and faster acting. The other one is Spiriva. The latter is currently running a series of commercials on TV that feature an elephant sitting on the patient's chest. I don't have an elephant and I hope this doesn't give me one.

I go back in a month or if I'm not feeling better, a week. I went to the drug store to pick up the new drugs and then home where I went to bed and slept til noon. I finally woke up hungry and my throat is feeling far less horrible.

$$$$$$$ just flying out the door... $780 for the doctor (that's today's visit plus the cataract doctor and surgical facility... $47 at the drug store... $160 at the mail in pharmacy (That latter is for 3 months worth).

Getting old is expensive.


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